COCOMI.com – Online Dedicated Watch Retailer Launches in Singapore

When was the last time you did online shopping? With the growing e-commerce trend in Singapore from web accessibility and security, we can conveniently make a transaction to purchase an item wherever we are.

From the same company, Norbreeze Group, which brought you Pandora, Cath Kidson and Bering, they have launch of dedicated online watch retailer in Singapore, COCOMI.COM. You will be spoilt for choices over a wide range of Men’s, Women’s, classic, smart and sports watches across world-class brands from America, Asia and Europe.

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ciNE65 Is Back For The Third Season With the Theme “Believing • Home”

ciNE65 is back for the third season and this year, they are inviting film-makers to submit a 3-minute short film with the theme “Believing • Home”. I felt the theme was very apt as we are celebrating Singapore’s 50th year of independence this National Day.

Through this short film competition, it not only encourages local talents to showcase their submission, but we as audience will be able to reflect the beliefs by our pioneers who built Singapore and the beliefs we carry today in this country we call home.

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WMF, Chef’s Cooking Equipments for the Modern Metropolitans

Being a foodie I am, whipping up mouth-watering dishes is one of my favourite past time.  From preparation to cooking, without any quality kitchen equipments, one could feel frustrated with the joy and love for cooking being diminished.

I was at the recent WMF media lunch where I got to have my hands on the newly launched Chef’s Edition Performance Cut Knife series and Concento Cookware range. Chef Sawarto was also there to cook up a delicious 3-course German lunch.

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Share a Joyful and Fun White Christmas with Coca-Cola!

When I was a kid, I dreamt of celebrating a White Christmas while playing in the snow.  I also wish that there’s a chimney in my house because in storybooks, it always depicts Santa flying through the night sky on a sleigh with a pair of reindeer pulling it and he will come down through it and hiding presents in huge stockings hung within the house.

Experiencing snow this Christmas season seems so magical with festive carols playing in the background. Thanks to CocaCola, they have brought snow to sunny Singapore from halfway across the world in Lapland!

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[Food Review] Cat and the Fiddle, of Cheesecakes and Techie Geeks

What has the cat been fiddling with?  It’s neither her new toy nor her ball of yarn but cheesecakes!  Founded by Chef Daniel Tay earlier this year, Cat and the Fiddle is the first-of-its-kind cheesecake online shop that sells more than 10 flavours of whole cheesecakes at an affordable price!

As cafe-hopping has become a favourite past-time for some Singaporeans, cakes from Cat and the Fiddle is now available at the newly opened Geek Cafe!

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[Food Review] Food Glossary, Modern Cafeteria with a Social Responsible Cause

If you always thought that eating at food court has to be noisy, crowded and be smelling of food odour, you will be surprised at this brand new cafeteria, Food Glossary, tucked on the 2nd level of JTC Summit. With a modern, no-frills concept, this food and beverage establishment caters to office workers in the vicinity of Jurong East.

This whole new concept of a modern cafeteria not only serves up food but also employs the latest technology to boost their productivity.  Read on to find out how this 400-seater cafeteria can be operated and run by a kitchen of less than 10 staffs.

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[Food Review] HOME Restaurant, of Peking Duck and Festive Specials

What is a place call HOME without home-cooked style food which taste like your mum’s cooking? At this Chinese restaurant fronted by Celebrity Chef Tan Yong Hua that’s hidden at one end of The Rail Mall, you can expect a casual, relaxing meal with your loved ones and friends over Chinese cuisine with a modern twist.

I was at a hosted tasting session recently and got to try a selection of the restaurant’s specialities and festive menu which will be available during the Lunar New Year season. Read on to find out about it! :P

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