Yoogane Singapore

[Food Review] Yoogane Singapore, Dak Galbi Sizzling Up a Storm?

Although Yoogane Singapore opened its first restaurant in Singapore couple of months back in May, it isn’t exactly new in the Korean culinary scene. The brand started in Busan back in 1981 and since then, it has been very popular in Seoul for serving up a variety of signature galbi (pan-fried marinated chicken) on their menu.

There has been long queue ever since it opened at Bugis Junction and being a Korean food lover, I decided to check out if it is really worth that much hype.

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Young, Successful and Giving Back to Charity

Recently, I came across an article about a successful duo who ventured into the gaming business and giving back by counselling sick and fulfilling children’s wishes at KK Women and Children’s Hospital. It touched me that these two young bosses of St Games struggled through a seven-year roller-coaster ride to build passion as a career and contributing back to society to better the lives of the sick.

It’s something really commendable how they grow their business idea to the point of working with gaming giants like EA Games, Bandai Namco.  Even when they were doing so well, they did not forget about people in our society who needs to be cared for.

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WebCulture0929_Little Apple2

Little Apple, China’s Answer to Gangnam Style?

No, Little Apple <<小苹果>> isn’t an imitation to Apple’s iPhone 6.

It is an addictive song which has been making its rounds over the internet and got many people across China, singing and dancing!  It all began when two creative individuals Xiao Yang and Wang Taili, better known as the Chopstick Brothers, came together and recorded this song to promote their latest film which was released in July.  Later did they know, their hit song titled “Little Apple” <<小苹果>> became such a widespread phenomenon that caused everyone to film parodies of it.  Even the Chinese military is using in in a recruitment video!

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#DeathToSelfie – The Human Race

I am going to share an inconvenient truth which a number of people will find it uncomfortable with. Not because you’re posting selfies (or wefie) on Instagram but you’re too conscious about the way you look and what others think about you.

That’s right, many of us simply want to present the best side of ourselves. Such as finding the perfect camera angle to look slimmer and editing our selfies with Photoshop before posting them up on social media. Let’s be honest, how many of you are guilty of that?

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Team Awesome Cook Out & Stayover

The tagline of my blog is “Experience Life to the Fullest” and one way to truly experience it is by doing life together with friends, family and loved ones.  Last week, I had a stay-over with some of the Team Awesome leaders from DARE (New Creation Church ministry for secondary school youths) over the long weekend and we had a memorable, fun-filled time cooking, singing and playing games together! :D

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Why Praise A Dead Person?

Thought of the Day

A friend of mine left pondering on the topic of treasuring our loved ones before it is too late. Often, we are so busy with our life and we tend to be so stingy with positive words when it comes to appreciating people around. Shall we begin by telling them how much they mean to us and how deserving they are? Praising them with words which are true to your heart and not simply to flatter. Isn’t it too late when our loved ones has left us, lying there in the coffin at the memorial service then we start reading out the eulogy highlighting only the great things and moments spent with him or her?

It is never too late, never too important, never too cliché to meet or even to drop a text to your friend or loved one, telling them the words you wish to say from your heart and celebrate the person while he or she is still around.  What are words to you, could matter so much more to the other person. Don’t wait till the person has passed on to write an eulogy and only to start tearing halfway reading through to realize how much more things you wish to say, wish to do with that person. It will be too late by then.

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